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Welcome and thank you for your interest in supporting the ministries of the Diocese of Des Moines!  Please click on a heading below (or in the left column) to make a gift to the appropriate fund or organization.  You will be directed to either a donor form or an organization web site. Thank you in advance for your continued generosity!

Donors must be logged in as a user to make a payment on an existing pledge.  Click Login on the left navigation bar. Navigate to your giving history page.  Choose (PAY) next to your pledge on the history or active tab.

Donors wishing to update their credit card information with a new number or expiration date should contact the development office at (515) 237-5083.  For your security, changes to credit card information are not possible through the online portal. 

Annual Diocesan Appeal (New Pledge or One-time Gift)

Create a new pledge and set up recurring payments or give a one-time gift to support the Annual Diocesan Appeal.  Each year, parishioners throughout the Diocese of Des Moines support Annual Diocesan Appeal. The Diocese of Des Moines, founded in 1911, serves people in 23 counties stretching over 12,446 square miles in the southwestern quadrant of Iowa. The ADA supports a wide-variety of services and ministries.  After a parish reaches its goal, 100 percent of all additional funds will be returned to the parish for local use.  To make a payment on a current pledge, choose the login option.

Sharing God's Gifts Campaign

The Sharing God's Gifts campaign is an historic $30 million campaign to support parish and diocesan ministries.  Over $42 million has been pledged.  Fifty percent of all funds raised will be shared with parishes for capital improvements, debt reduction or endowment.  The Sharing God's Gifts campaign also supports diocesan ministries including priests' medical and retirement programs, clergy residences, seminarian education, youth programs, Catholic Charities, Hispanic Ministries, and improvements to diocesan resources and services.

The Catholic Mirror

The Catholic Mirror newspaper is a voluntary subscription program. Your gift of $20 or more reduces expenses associated with the monthly subscription delivered to more than 35,000 Catholic households in southwest Iowa. 

Project Hope

 Project HOPE provides funding for families in need of tuition assistance to send their children to a Catholic K-8 school of the Diocese of Des Moines.  The request for financial assistance from families is significant and therefore the need for funding continues.

Seminarian Fund

The Seminarian Fund provides support for the education of the men who are discerning priesthood within the Diocese of Des Moines. Making a contribution to the Seminarian Fund will make a lasting difference for the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Des Moines.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities is a 501c3, non-profit, social service organization that serves people of all faiths in Central and Southwest Iowa. Each year, Catholic Charities offers food, clothing, shelter, counseling and hope to more than 25,000 people.

Catholic Charities was born in Diocese of Des Moines in 1924 as “the official head of all Catholic welfare agencies in the Diocese and the link of cooperation with all other welfare agencies” as stated by Most Rev. Thomas W. Drumm. Since then, the agency has evolved with the times offering programs, services and support in a professional, dignified and respectful atmosphere. Catholic Charities, a United Way agency, is devoted to offering a helping hand as well as challenging those assumptions and systems that make it difficult for individuals to improve their lives. We offer help and hope to people of all faiths.  Catholic Charities is guided by the teachings of the Catholic church.  We serve all people in need with compassion, competence, advocate for justice, and encourage all people of good will to join in these efforts.  For more information visit www.catholiccharitiesdm.org.


Your local parish is at the heart of where you practice being a steward of the gifts God has granted you.  For more information, contact your local parish to see how you can be a good steward in your community.

Catholic Foundation of Southwest Iowa

Gifts to endowed funds are also available through The Catholic Foundation of Southwest Iowa, including:

  • The Ministries Fund of the Diocese of Des Moines
  • The Faith Journey and Catechetical Institute Fund for the Diocese of Des Moines
  • The Catholic Charities Fund in Honor of Larry Breheny
  • The Hispanic Ministries Fund for the Diocese of Des Moines in Honor of Reverend Thomas Pfeffer
  • The Priests' Medical Fund for the Diocese of Des Moines
  • The Seminarian Fund for the Diocese of Des Moines
  • The Diocesan Campus Ministry Fund
  • Several Parish Agency Funds

For more information on making a charitable investment to the Catholic Foundation of Southwest Iowa, please call (515) 237-5044.

Catholic Tuition Organization

Catholic Tuition Organization (CTO) is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization representing all of the Catholic K-12 schools in the Diocese of Des Moines. CTO receives voluntary cash contributions from Iowa taxpayers and allocates those funds in tuition grants to Iowa school children whose family income is at or below 300% of the federal poverty level. They in turn, use those grants to attend one of the schools represented by CTO. At least 90% of the CTO money received must go back out in tuition grants within the year.

Help provide low income families with the opportunity to give their children a Catholic education and at the same time receive a unique "bottom line" 65 percent credit on your Iowa state income tax.

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